Propane Service From Big D Fuel...

Offering propane delivery service, as well as the sale, installation and service of a wide range of appliances and equipment - from central home heating systems, water heaters, and fireplaces to space heating solutions.

No matter how you look at propane, it's a good value. Furnaces, stoves, water heaters - you name it - propane pretty much powers them all.

Based on US Department of Energy statistics, over time propane costs nearly half as much per BTU as electricity and because propane is so efficient and reliable - it makes all appliances operate a little better.

Single-family homes can be fueled by tanks of varying sizes, depending on the demand. Since propane is environmentally friendly, the tanks are perfect for storing underground. Sometimes, placing a propane tank underground isn't an option. That doesn't mean a tank can't be located or landscaped tastefully to minimize its view!